Week Two

The first lecture was on Monday in which Professor Greenwood first explained the syllabus. Then he discussed what makes good visual storytelling; you need time and skills. No surprise there. Audio, music, voiceovers, the duration and especially interview subjects are all elements that play a role in how one’s story is expressed. He said it is imperative to find someone who is articulate and can speak to a general audience, thus narrating the package. The class also used the iClickers for a poll on what field of journalism most interests us. I chose broadcast. Later I tweeted that video is my strongest area in reference to multimedia. I believe this is true considering my experience with shooting, editing and narrating multiple videos from high school that aired on the local PBS affiliate station, KET.

Yet now that I look at my old packages, I can see a lot of room for improvement. Some of my levels were all over the place. I notice a slightly tilted shot, a few jump cuts and an awkward transition. But I am tremendously glad for what Fern Creek H.S. allowed me to do. Unfortunately I can’t add video files to my blog using the free plan. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.



Week One: Getting Started

The first lab class was tonight and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is only five students in the group, myself included. This situation may lend itself towards us being a tight knit bunch of talented people in the end. There’s a lot to remember and do for the course. I’m anticipating exciting and challenging tasks ahead while learning the skills needed to use new equipment and software. It may be tough at times meeting deadlines But like our instructor said, we’ll survive.


Why this?

I’m required to have a blog for my Multimedia Journalism course. It’s a little intimidating but hopefully it will go well. I’ll know more once class starts on Tuesday.