Writing for the Ear

This week’s lecture was different because we watched a video of former KOMU anchor and reporter Sarah Hill. She gave advice and tips on how to create a good TV style script. One thing that was new to me is hyper logging. She would write all the words down that came to her mind while she watched her video. This helps with the script writing and revision process. It creates the audio-visual connection of hearing and seeing the same thing.

Another thing I noticed was how she would break up her voiceover -even in the middle of a sentence- with nat sound. I thought this would go against contiguity and the overall sound of a package. But she used it very well. It interrupted the monotony of a single voice which audiences are used to hearing. She also shies away from doing stand ups. She has a good reason. Visuals are more compelling.

I halfway wish I could have seen this video/lesson before doing my TV and short video assignments. I need to remember to put my best video first and my second best video last. I liked Hill’s work, especially the story about a man who is blind setting up decorative lights. I wish sometimes that I could have a videographer with me on stories; it would be easier for me and we’d develop a working partnership. Yet I understand why it is so important for us to learn a variety of skills right now.

Here is another of “Sarah’s Stories” that was shown in class. It is lighthearted and seems like it was fun to make. http://www.komu.com/news/a-club-shirley-bonded-by-their-names/



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