Personal Branding

Judd Slivka was the guest lecturer this week. He talked about social media and how you present yourself to the world and especially employers. It was not a huge shock that 91% of employers look at an applicant’s social networking accounts. Teachers tell the danger of unflattering photos and regretful posts in high school. I know I have made some angry comments before on Facebook, but those days are behind me. I have never bad-mouthed a previous employer online either. I can keep those complaints within my closest circle of friends and family. Or maybe it is better that I keep them to myself. Personally, I think it’s embarrassing when adults do not keep their personal and overtly emotional matters semi-private. The rest was just common sense. Avoid offensive language, inappropriate photos and improper communication. Here’s some information on how to build your personal brand/reputation in the digital realm:

Aside from that, Slivka spoke on Twitter’s importance for reaching a mass audience. It is useful for public relations, but I’m not particularly interested in that. I do appreciate it’s usefulness, though. I once directed a tweet at Louisville Public Works to notify them that a streetlight was malfunctioning (I wasn’t driving). They got back to me the next day or so. More recently, I got a retweet over some 3D printers when tweeting for this class. The account had over a thousand followers. That event ties in to how Slivka said have quality followers. Tweets that reach more followers have a higher chance of obtaining virality.



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