Judd Three Times

Judd Slivka was the lecturer this week for the third time I believe. This time the discussion was on mobile journalism instead of social media. We all know mobile journalism kits are a lot cheaper than traditional reporter kits. The bad thing is that the video quality produced with cell phones is sub par. When Slivka told the class how a media company had fired all their videographers because they were only going to use mojos, I thought how foolish. Sure enough, they learned their lesson and hired some camera people back. I did think it was impressive how a short story of a grass fire was shot on a phone and used in the newscast. You have to be ready when newsworthy events happen around you. I did not have the same respect for the car commercial. Yes they shot on iPhones and iPads, but they used thousands of dollars worth of extra equipment and software. Seems a little like making a false claim.

The downside to mobile journalism for me is that I do not have an iPhone or Android. That’s right. I have a Nokia windows phone. Hey, they’re cheap and practically indestructible. I can still have apps, but I do not have access to all of the same ones that you can find in the app store or google play. Hopefully I’ll be able to perform well in the upcoming mobile journalism assignment. I have used the Mizzou mojo kit before, so there’s that.

Another thing Slivka showed us that was really cool was the collection of unique “cotton candy content” packages, such as Steller and Storehouse. I would be interested in reading feature stories in those nontraditional ways. People love interactivity. If I can control which segments of information I see, that’s a plus.

On Steller’s website, you can view projects other people have created: https://steller.co/. Note that the majority of creations are not journalistic. Journalists can repurpose the app so that it will benefit their readers.



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