Radio Friends with Paul Pepper

The following are my comments on viewing Radio Friends with Paul Pepper.

I attended a showing on Tuesday, April 7 around 4 PM. In the control room there are a lot of computer screens and devices which are intimidating and perplexing when you don’t know what they do. Travis told me the basics. The shows are about eight minutes each with five minute breaks in between. Paul and James arrange the guests. The pre-show process is similar to how MUTV 23 News works. (Last Wednesday I operated the teleprompter.) Camera shots had to be adjusted so the subjects were in frame.

It was kind of odd to see Paul say the day was May 1. I thought he messed up at first, but then I remembered that all the shows are recorded before they are aired. Travis is really quick at the TD board; he has to be to get the best angles. Vera especially used body language that couldn’t be contained by the medium shots. There’s a cool touchscreen for graphics. Also the control room has nice chairs. But that’s irrelevant.

For a time during the second show, Paul was holding a package of pins. The erroneous noise was picked up by the microphones. Travis didn’t know what they were at first and wanted Paul to put them down. Paul made the shows funny.

Paul’s conversation is all ad-lib. “You learn what to ask by listening to your guests” said Pat at audio. He and Travis both complimented Paul on his ad-libbing skill. It certainly seems like something that takes practice and focus. I’ve never been good at it. Then again, I haven’t been taught it. Perhaps I will learn in the coming years.

I also learned that Travis receives what advertisements to play live before the clip from KBIA. It isn’t his preferred method. It looked like Travis was muttering under his breath, but of course he was talking to Brendan. Seeing Brendan there makes the J school, at least the broadcast section, seem a lot smaller. I like that about it.

I got to see the server room before I left. What a sight. There were so many specific devices. They all came together to make a loud hum.

Lastly I met Paul Pepper, who had nothing but compliments for Travis. He seemed nice and knowledgeable. In the studio I couldn’t help but notice the stands for the table. Travis said they were insulation padding inside Shakespeare’s cups. Hey, whatever works.

Here is the site for the daily show:



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