Nearing the end

This may be my last blog for class. As always, I’ll write about the lecture. Judd told the class about storytelling techniques on Monday. Storyboarding is a planning tool I am familiar with because of high school. However I have never been too fancy with it. There are free and costly software programs available for storyboarding. But that seems a little much for projects of short duration. Usually my notes are a shot sheet or a mental reminder of what bases I need to cover.

Now I know the terminology of two types of storyboarding. Back End is for reporting and documentary filmmaking. It is when you use the footage you already shot to organize, outline and tell a story. Judd mentioned how logging each scene is meticulous but will pay off. I have never logged my footage in Excel. I jotted down quotes and times in my small notepad when I listened to our final project audio interviews. I wrote when the good bytes happened and ignored the bad.

Front End Storyboarding is used by animators and ad agencies to make commercials and other expensive projects, like a film. I have seen early renderings of computer-generated movies characters. Workers often draw out every shot before cameras even arrive. It’s a narrowing down process so there’s less to throw out later after more money has been spent. It is interesting how even the sketches of Finding Nemo were labeled “medium” shot or “close up”. You can see that by going to the link below.

The speaker also showed us how we could make a Google document and assign a specific person to get each shot. This also seems tedious. Yet I understand it is important to have people know what they are responsible for. A working progress report would be more essential in larger teams, like for A Thousand More.



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